Danagraf A/S

Danagraf A/S was founded in 1977 and has since been a trendsetting manufacturer of graphic arts pre-press equipment.

Headquarters, sales & marketing, R/D and assembling plant are located in modern buildings in the town Soroe, a short distance from Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

Danagraf A/S is exporting to more than 62 countries around the world. The company can rely on a highly skilled and trained staff to ensure a full line of quality graphic arts pre-press products and 100% service response.


During the camera era of the 80’s the annual production of vertical reprographic cameras was between 800 and 1000 units sold under own label or via private brand labels. The manufacturing of reproduction camera was discontinued in 1999 due to no demand from the marked.

In 1984, Danagraf A/S repeated the success, this time with the introduction of table-top Rapid Access filmprocessors Within a very short time the company was able to create a considerable market share on a worldwide level.

The introduction of processors for the X-ray market a few years later and the introduction of On-Line double buffer and conveyor systems for film image setters secured a constant and steady growth within the market for professional processing equipment.

The comprehensive line today includes 4 low/medium models and 4 heavy duty deep-tank models with operating widths from 430 mm to the wide 1270mm/50” heavy-roller model.

All deep-tank models are prepared for On-Line connection.

In May 2001 Danagraf A/S took over all Helioprint activities concerning all film and plate exposure frames.

Helioprint was established in 1942 and represent many years of development and production of high quality graphic pre-press equipment. Helioprints well established quality assurance system fulfil the ISO 9002 requirements.

Plate processing equipment from the highly competitive 1 bath double sided plate processor to the advanced three bath fully automatic plate processors have been available from Danagraf A/S for some time now. The total range of processors for PS offset plates consists of 8 different models in sizes from 43 cm/17” to 135cm/53”.

A complete line of processors, dedicated for polyester plates has also introduced and has been successfully sold for more than 6 years. Part of this success is created by a strong co-operation with companies such as Mitsubishi and